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Attachment at the dental clinic!

Everything i have observed and learnt regarding dentistry.

  • Guys are more afraid of feeling pain
  • Bones under the gums degenerate and slowly become smaller after people wear dentures - i wonder how the skull or bone structure of a person who has worn dentures for a long time will look like. seriously. would be interesting though
  • Dentists should greet patients without the masks and if possible, gear as well, so patients will feel more at ease - read this in the book at the dental clinic
  • Dr Kong says that people's jaw used to be bigger and so wisdom teeth didnt use to be a problem for people in the past but somehow the diet have changed and people started to develop smaller jaws so now a lot of people experience pain when their wisdom teeth erupt and would extract them - something like the appendix i guess? a lot of them actually have their wisdom teeth growing out horizontally or diagonally (saw the x rays!)
  • Most people who have braces do not have the full set of teeth (exclusive of wisdom tooth) cause they have teeth extracted - maybe to actually have a straight and neat set of teeth, modern people would not be able to have the full set , saw this guy today with both his upper canines stuck at the top of their upper jaw
  • the size and strength of teeth depends on both the race and gender of the patient - actually learnt this in the NUS dental attachment but shall just include this over here, muslims and indians have bigger and deeper roots so its harder for teeth extractions
  • at a certain point in life, oral health gets pretty bad and its up to the dentist and patient whether they want to correct every single problem cause there are too many  - sad, really
  • there's this new aligner - i think?- that looks like a night guard and there are varying strength that helps to re align your teeth even if your teeth are slightly misaligned, no braces required!
  • bridges aren't very good cause you have to file the other surrounding teeth to fit the bridge so dentists now promote using implants, adding screw holes to your gum and just screw on the teeth instead. sounds a bit weird but it works i guess
  • a lot of people do root canal treatment? ive seen quite a few and the dentist sticks various sizes of metal pin thing into the root of your teeth through the hole and digs out your nerves in the teeth, and it goes in pretty deep! then they fill in the hole so its hollow
  • overdose of flouride will cause problems for the teeth and even life threatening; the overdose of flouride in young children is mostly cause by ingesting toothpaste and it will cause ugly discolouring and even molting of the teeth - also from the book

i sure hope i can get into dentistry! 
why is there aerosol in the scaling tool? haven't fond out, shall google it some time.

glad that i have the full set of teeth without over crowding but i dont think i have space for my wisdom teeth so i may have to extract them too

should make it a point to move and use my lips properly when talking, don't want to have slanted muscle development

also, i thought that the masks, gloves gowns and stuff are to prevent dead skin cells and stuff from us to the patient (contamination) but i guess it goes both ways as well

i probably should start learning various dialects and even continue in my Bahasa Melayu cause i think it definitely would help in the job. 

really happy that i got the opportunity for this and can't wait to go to Australia! :D

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Picking up

 Well i realized my past posts have all been so downright depressing. I think i'm actually handling it a lot better than i sound just that you only want to post about it when you feel horrible enough to want to get it out of you. One more day of prelims to go, feel like its time to celebrate already. Its the beginning of the end of a levels! Awesome. 

Found this immensely cute 

Been thinking of all the places i want to go and the things i want to do after the examinations, makes me excited just thinking about it :)
Brisbane, Melbourne?, Phuket? Penang? Maybe i'll rearrange the furniture in my house while i'm at it. It's time for a change! 

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Getting on my nerves

 Wow, there's this huge break between each time that i post and honestly i don't mind it. Before i got this lj i always thought that notifying the world of every detail of my life was something i would never do and i guess i have managed to keep a small part of that. SMALL. how can i with twitter? though i admit that i post about random things i get annoyed when EVERY SINGLE DETAIL  is posted. i mean, really? i don't think that was even interesting enough to let the world know. BUT maybe i'm just being cranky here. 

Ever wondered how you ever got so close to a friend you can't stand anymore? I really don't get her anymore and i can't stand her actions.  and it doesn't help that the world doesn't see it the way i do. somehow everyone else has the same view and you're stuck outside. friends accept who you are, no matter how different and its not how you are alike but how you are different. i know. but ugh!  Don't know what's keeping us together anymore. Wonder if once this is all gone if our friendship will still last. 

Somehow everyone seems to have so much confidence in me but i think i'm losing it. they say i would have no problem but i've forgotten how it feels like to do well. I hate disappointing myself time and again when i just don't get the results i want. Its worse when you know you could have done so much better. 

Seems like almost the whole group of them are going overseas to pursue their dreams but mine is hanging on a thread where there is a slight chance that i can reach it. what if i reach and don't get it. i don't want my life to be all about failures, but i just can't help but to dwell on them. Wonder when will i ever get over it and i hate myself for bringing it up whenever i have the chance. '

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 Realized i haven't been posting anything for quite some time and this will probably be how it will be until the end of the examinations at least. 

Had a wonderful birthday thanks to my dear friends! was going to post the pictures here but my internet connection isn't allowing me to. so just imagine a wonderful picture with me and a huge group of my classmates outside aston's (wq is underdressed) looking completely rad. 

Been procrastinating from work for quite some time. but oh well. 

Hope all goes well for the upcomiong arts fest and concert. hope i will be able to post some pictures by then

thanks wj for helping me with my parcel!

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From now on

Haven't been posting in a long while, probably cause i was too busy doing everything else. Amazing how everyone uses so much twitter, and how everyone has an itouch or an iphone. i think its a waste of time really, and how anti-social! but oh well, maybe its just a case of sour grapes. since the orientation 1 there was orientation 2, lots of peep's birthdays, cny, outings, stuff, as well as Starstruck 2010! i couldn't wish for a more exciting last year in njc, let's just pray the rest of the year rises up to the occasion.

Got really close to some that i've never really had the chance to, and i'm grateful for that opportunity. I feel very blessed for being able to with such wonderful company and having the time of my life. I have realized many differences between us and am glad that they did not become a wall between us but it is in fact what makes us so perfect together.

You know you truly are friends when you know all their faults and you still love them, when you feel comfortable together even when you don't talk

Made lots of friends and i hope they will last me through my years, may the friendships stay even as the memories fade. 

Check out daniel's face at the dance party 

Love this picture :)

Me and Barbie

CNY OG4 girls!

OG4 at CNY

Gayley's birthday dinner

Shuyi's birthday dinner!


dedicated to my favourite classmate

OG4 at dance party

CCA fair


We've got you ;)


May the smiles never fade,
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